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What’s a better combination than fulfilling the passion of sports and the urge to win and earn? That’s exactly what MY XI BULLS gives you. MY XI BULLS is an application developed by talented young minds to meet the expectations of all the sportsheads out there. We are giving you the opportunity to have fun and win big as we ensure a high percentage of return. With exciting new offers and contests, you get to choose your 11 Bulls and to become the game changer.


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Keep the sportsman spirit alive in you with MY XI BULLS. Play here and win instant real cash. Experience the thrilling matches with your team playing and winning for you. You get to be the mastermind here.

Trump Mode

Worried about the chances of you loosing or your players not performing well? We’ve got your back here in Trump mode. You get the opportunity to become the ULTIMATE GAMECHANGER with your 12th player. So why worry, just go TRUMP MODE!

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